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Intentional Neighbors

Neighbors experience countless opportunities to share hospitality, grace, peace, and generosity. Intentional neighbors seek out these moments and choose to share life with others in their community. Every new resident brings unique gifts, resources, and dreams that are woven into the fabric of the neighborhood. This diversity and vibrancy encourages strength and transformation. Charis seeks to not only provide for homeownership, but to inspire true community through intentional neighboring.

Charis recognizes three types of intentional neighbors:

  • Historical Reconnections
    Many families have longstanding ties to the neighborhood.  Charis works with current residents who can transition to homeownership, as well as children or family members who may have moved away and might be interested in moving back into their neighborhood with the option of homeownership.
  • Lighthouse Neighbors
    These individuals and families make a decision to move to the neighborhood to be a part of the revitalization and renewal.  We welcome their involvement.
  • Charis Affordable Homeowners
    Part of our desire with Charis’ homeownership classes is to encourage civic engagement and neighborhood involvement.

Charis acquires beautiful, newly constructed homes left vacant due to foreclosures and mortgage fraud. The housing opportunities available for those considering relocation and intentional neighboring are abundant. Now is the perfect time to buy. View our current listings.

For more information, contact Christy (Norwood) Taylor (christy null@null chariscommunity

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